What's the difference ?

A good training with a continual follow up of extra training. This business is indeed affected by fashion and techniques, two components with a increasingly evolution.

The market is fooded with all kind of haircosmetic and it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Knowledge is a real must. Don't just feel like a V.I.P, you are a V.I.P !

Every hair has a different texture. It is our task to provide the adequate care. This is not only a matter of knowlegde but also a question of efficient use of quality products. You have a guarantee for the condition of you hair and his condition will even aprove. We all have a different face and a hairstylist must also be a beautician who will adapt your hairstyle to your face.Being a colour consultant is not only in, it is a necessity to optimate your individuality by the appropriate colour.You do not only look better, you also feel better !

An appointement with your hairstylist is no waste of time. On the contrary it can be a very relaxing visit. A relaxing headand shoulder massage whitch makes you feel better in every way. A chinese hairwash and a causy chat makes your visit to an unexspected event.

A team working for the same purpose : YOUR SATISFACTION.


Paul Janssens, Business manager.